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Full and Partial House Rewire | Electrical Rewiring

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Electrical rewiring is not feasible in most situations. Since it involves tearing down walls and ceilings. But you could avoid rewiring by adding a short section of copper wire to the end of each aluminium wire. This way, we connect each switch, outlet or device with copper rather than aluminium. Also, the existing junction boxes must be replaced by larger ones to make room for the connectors. In order to avoid the problems that arise when aluminium wire and copper wire, are used together incorrectly, and aluminium wires that terminate on devices meant for copper wire, contact us. A certified electrical will sort out these issues instantly.

Aluminium wiring was a popular choice for homes and businesses during the ’80s. Therefore, most of the old houses have aluminium wirings. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with them. Because they can demonstrate several problems. Such as power trips, power outages and electrical hazards. So, if your home still relies on aluminium wiring, the likelihood of overtime working to get your appliances the power they need to operate, is very high. This creates excess heat. And makes electrical fires, a very real possibility. So aluminium wiring, over time, eventually begins to show visible signs of degradation. Since outdated and frayed wiring can be a major hazard, it’s always better to be safe and replace the whole than to be sorry. The key to a successful rewire starts with finding the right electricians for the job. 

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