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Household Electrical Safety Inspections

What do you need to know about home electrical safety inspections?

When was the last time your home had home electrical safety inspections? Do not remember? Not sure if you need it? According to Electrician Emergency Response Bristol, there are four main times your home a licensed residential electrician should inspect :

Electrical Safety Inspections
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  1. If you are buying a home
  2. In case your house is 40 years old
  3. If you are installing a new electrical appliance
  4. If your home is undergoing renovations

Aside from that, whenever you feel that there are electrical problems in your home that could pose a safety hazard, you can always call us for a home electrical safety inspection just to be sure. It is absolutely essential that a licensed electrician performs  these checks because:

  • Electricians have years of experience solving problems with residential electrical systems. The first concern is maximizing the safety of your electrical system and preserving the level of safety it was designed to provide.
  • Always have the electrical system inspected by a professional before buying or renting a home. A professional electrician can accurately assess the health of your electrical system and provide a comprehensive plan to bring it to peak condition.
  • An electrician can solve larger electrical problems cheaply and easily if they you detect them in the early stages. If you think you have an electrical problem, be sure to fix it immediately!

So, whenever you have a domestic electrical problem, don’t leave it to chance: contact Bristol Electrician Emergency Response and stay on the safe side!

A safe electrical inspection

During home electrical safety inspections, these are some of the important aspects of your home’s electrical system that we will look at:


This is the electrical essential center of your home. Whether in the garage, in the basement, in the utility room or somewhere outside, we will thoroughly examine the fuses and circuit breakers to verify that there are no connections, damage, rust, smoke, etc. We will check if the panel also provides enough electrical capacity for your home’s needs. We will also check if your electrical panel is a discontinued brand.

Electric cables

We will verify that all visible wiring is up to date and in good shape with no exposed splices. Thus, we will make sure the cables are secured and protected. Furthermore, we will also check out the following problems that many older homes encounter.

Electrical wiring

Aluminum cable for branch circuits, which can cause fire hazard. (Often found in homes built between 1965-1973). Accordingly, these old wiring setups can create security risks and make it more difficult to get the home insured or sell the home.

Electrical installations in wetlands

All electrical systems that are in the immediate vicinity of the water, a technician must inspect and update in a particular way. This usually means areas in bathrooms, kitchens, workshops or outdoors. Sockets in these areas must have earth fault circuit breakers. Also, these sockets are programmed to cut off the electricity in that area if exposed to water.

Internal and external lighting, sockets and switches

We test if all lights, switches and sockets are properly grounded. Free sockets, hot exits, buzzing noises, flickering lights or sparks are a sign that something needs to be tightened, fixed or replaced.

Other household electrical aspects that we will check

In addition to these four main concerns, we will also walk through your home and notice any security issues you may have with:

  • Surge protection
  • Risks of shocks and fires
  • Current lighting power
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Problems with children’s electrical safety
  • Problems with the Lifesaver

So, if you are preparing to buy a new home, are remodeling or installing something new or if you just have an electrical safety problem that needs to be verified, contact us today at 01174090461 to schedule a home electrical safety inspection. In fact, the job is to guarantee high quality and professionalism in every project!

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